We understand that during these times, there have been restrictions in place that have caused disruptions to the public.

We have put systems in place to ensure we are still able to provide you the same amazing service you have come to know and love - all while maintaining social distancing and ensuring the safety of our customers and staff.

Come in today for a consult with one of our lovely team members and get all your hair and beauty supplies today!



During times of lockdown, we understand that you spend lots of time, effort and money to keep your hair looking FABULOUS!

During lockdown stages, when permitted, MRHBS will be running a click and collect service for our clients.

You can jump online and organise to collect your favourite products and essentials from us at the store. Alternatively, you can call Bradly on 03 5428 2280 and order it over the phone during operational hours.

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed in the store during these times but we will do our best to accommodate you and keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and amazing.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these times.